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Upskill Haven, LLC. was created by Renea Brown. Renea is an Instructional Design Advisor with FedEx Freight. Prior to joining the Instructional Design team at Fedex Freight, she worked for Shelby County Schools for six+ years. During her time with SCS, she developed her love for instructional design and training. 

Her love for instructional design and training inspired her to pursue Instructional Design for her Master's Degree. She graduated with her Master’s in Education with a concentration in Instructional Design from Capella University. For undergrad, Renea attended the University of Memphis and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. 

Renea's hobbies include learning new skills, reading,  traveling, and spending quality time with her family and friends. Her career goal is to one day become a traveling instructional designer and trainer. Renea also loves helping people. Her Idea of Upskill Haven was birthed by her love of helping others. 

Upskill Haven was cre
ated with the mission to provide quality service at an affordable price.
Upskill Haven is a safehaven for you to learn the new skill of web design to make managing your business easier. If you have no desire to learn a new skill, we also offer services that will assist you with your business needs.

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