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4 Reasons Why You Should Learn A New Skill

As we get older, we get complacent with life and our daily routines. It is perfectly fine to shake up our day to day life routines with something new. Is there something that you have always wanted to learn but you felt like there is no point or that it is just too late? Well news flash, it's never too late to learn something new. Complacency is a thing of the past and living life unapologetically is a thing of the future. Here is 4 reasons why you should learn a new skill:

1. Brain Health

Learning a new skills improves our brain performance.​ It increases our appetite for learning and helps speed along the consumption process of information. Did you know that learning a new skill makes you less likely to develop dementia and makes you happier?

2. Making Yourself More Marketable

What better way to beef up your resume than adding skills? I help people with resumes all the time. A lot of the time they load their resume with only education and accomplishments but, completely leave out the skills that they have acquired over the years. Employers want to see how you stand out amongst other applicants and what better way to showcase how beneficial you can be to an organization than listing your skills that you have to offer? What tools or software do you often use to manage your tasks? What are some techniques that you have learned over the years? Have you managed a portal or a system? Have you received awards for your accomplishments and what traits did you possess to get that award? These are all questions you can ask yourself when writing a resume. If you lack the skills to make yourself more marketable, reach out to Upskill Haven to learn skills or to be coached on how to beef up your resume.

3. Generating Additional Income

I myself am always looking for ways to bring in multiple streams of income. Learning a new skill could be just the push you need to bring in some additional cash. Are you artistic, do you like to write, are you good at landscaping, are you good at managing money, or do you like to organize? These are all skills that can generate revenue. You will be surprised by the amount of people who just don't feel like it or do not have the time to do daily tasks. You can market yourself to help people and they will pay you for the convenience of not having to do the tasks themselves.

4. Meeting New People

Learning new skills can be the gateway to building relationships. I like to consider myself an introvert and I come out of my shell when it comes to marketing myself and helping others. Learning a new skill can also be fun. You can learn how to bowl, skate, do pottery, or dance. Find someone who wouldn't mind exploring and learning with you or you can simply go by yourself just to step out of your shell and meet new people.

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